The Farm Zero C Open 2022 day was held on the 2nd of September at the Farm Zero C premises on Shinagh dairy farm, near Bandon Co. Cork.

Farm Zero C, funded under the SFI Zero Emissions programme, is a collaboration of minds from BiOrbic, SFI, Carbery, MTU, UCD, TCD, Teagasc, Shinagh Estates, and Grassa in order to try to achieve climate-neutral dairy farming, while remaining a profitable business.

The day was a lovely sunny day in which over 600 people attended. Attendees to the open day were invited totour the farm, see the work underway on the project to date and learn about the strategies being employed to bring the farm’s climate footprint to net zero.

BiOrbic Director Professor Kevin O’Connor as well as BiOrbic researcher Alejandro Vergara spoke at the event about the farms performance over the last few years as well as the future focus of the farm.

The day was run by a number of the Farm Zero C project team including the Farm Zero C manager Gavin Hunt and was a hugely successful day.